Chocolate Factory

Diverse Team Under Pressure

Helping teams understand the importance of stakeholder alignment

Number of Attendees: 12-300

Time Frame: 2-4 hours

Location: Indoors

Communication, Simulation,
Indoors, Strategic

Key Outcomes

Managing Change
Creativity & Innovation
Healthy Competition
Team Alignment

What is it?

The Chocolate Factory is all about customer experience and driving innovation! Your team will become part of a chocolate factory delivering products to meet a challenging customer’s expectations. After a challenging first round, the factory workers will have the opportunity to redesign their factory to better meet the changing needs of their customer. This activity works perfectly for organizations with multiple stakeholders all involved in delivering a product or service to a customer.


Companies selecting this activity are looking to innovate internal stakeholder (or department) alignment, or to better manage customer expectations. If customer experience is on your radar, this is a perfect activity to align to this message. It works well as a standalone message on the importance of customer experience, or as a catalyst for a deeper dive into a discussion as to how we can improve our customer experience.