On Shifting Sands

Diverse Team Under Pressure

Designed to test the resolve and performance of your team

Number of Attendees: 6-120

Time Frame: 3-5 hours

Location: Indoors, Outdoors, Social Distance Friendly

Communication, Simulation, Outdoors, Indoors, Strategic

Key Outcomes

Managing Change
Creativity & Innovation
Healthy Competition
Team Alignment

What is it?

On Shifting Sands is the Rolls Royce of Team Building Programs. We use a blend of progressively more challenging activities to deliver powerful learning insights. Incorporating the story of Wilfred Thesiger and his two Bedouin tribe mates (from the Rashid Tribe) creates an activity designed to challenge the communication and alignment skills of your team. Team building really doesn’t get any better than this!


Companies that select this program are looking for a unique learning experience. It best suits learning and messaging around the importance of planning and a shared goal, cross stakeholder alignment, the ability for teams to recognise inefficiencies in strategy and the ability to adapt and align teams. The activity also carries strong messages around reducing silos and working in remote teams.