Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire a company like Dash Outdoors for my team building events rather than keeping it in-house?

That’s a great question. One new clients ask all the time, and our answer is always the same. Realistically unless you’re planning to hold a series of mid-to large-scale corporate events throughout the year, keeping an experienced event planner on staff is probably not the best use of your budget. In comparison, professional team building and events companies like ours can handle the logistics of any size event so that you and your team can focus on enjoying yourselves and creating unforgettable memories.

What services can I expect Dash Outdoors to offer?

Our ‘5 Star’ concierge service means we make your next team building event one to remember. We work with you and your team to arrange everything; from the airport or local collection for you and your colleagues to selecting and booking the hotel rooms at commissionable or net rates, through to securing the venue, planning all the catering requirements – ensuring all your food and beverages are both safe and delicious, setting up and managing all of the equipment, hiring any entertainment that is required, coordinating all the logistics and excursions to make sure the only thing you have to worry about is having fun.

Do you offer other activities other than the ones detailed here on your website?

Yes. We have run many exciting team building events here at Dash Outdoors with a range of activity options that simply have to be experienced to be believed. We have highlighted the activities that have proved to be most popular with our clients but offer even more choices. So if you have something special in mind, talk with us as we are more than happy to discuss your ideas.

Should, my team building event, have a theme?

The short answer is yes, as it serves as a great leveller and ensures everyone feels comfortable participating. However, there is one major caveat: your theme does not have to turn your event into a theme party. Most of the time that’s precisely the opposite of the atmosphere you’re trying to create. When we say, your team building event should have a theme. We mean there should be a clear idea of every event’s purpose. Everything from the food, décor, entertainment, and every other element of your team building event should remind your guests and colleagues why the event is taking place.

What should we wear for an event?

We suggest casual sports clothing and trainers, or other suitable clothing and footwear that will allow you to move freely, (footwear should be sturdy and flat). For water-based activities, we suggest that participants bring a complete change of clothes along with a towel. Your feet will get wet, so consider this as you may not wish to wear your most expensive shoes. We also request you avoid wearing jeans, heavy footwear or flashy jewellery.

How can I preserve the memories of my team building event, while still keeping the event private?

To ensure you preserve the memories of your event. We send professional photographers to capture all the special moments that occur throughout the event. Then, we upload these photos to a free online gallery, viewable only by you and your colleagues. This ensures your privacy; it also means your team can put their phones away and focus on the most important aspect of the event: having a good time.

Our team is precious to us, how can you ensure their safety throughout the team building event?

We are serious about you and your team’s health and safety; thus, we provide professional security guards and a beachside First Aid station with a certified paramedic at our events to ensure their safety. Along with this, all of our staff undergo continuous training to spot and adequately address any security or safety concerns. Plus all of our team and vendors are up-to-date with the current government guidelines and practice our “Safe to Work” policy.

All of our beachside equipment is fully maintained and routinely inspected to ensure your safety, plus we hold all of the necessary safety certification and personal liability insurance.

Your health is our priority. 

In these challenging times, we take every action to protect you and your team. Our measures include discussing preventive actions with all staff, including third-party providers such as venue staff. We employ additional staff on hand with disinfectant solutions, regularly wiping down community services. Hand disinfectants are also provided at no extra cost to you and your team. We actively encourage all of our guests to review the recommended steps to limit/reduce the risk of infectious illnesses all year.

How are the fees for your team building or corporate events determined?

At Dash Outdoor, we charge by the event, and your customized all-inclusive event proposal will be determined by the number of participants, duration of the event, and type of programme you require. 

While other companies charge per person and often add on additional unexpected fees, We have found that our clients appreciate the value and simplicity of an all-inclusive team building event quote. Our fees cover everything you need, and the results you experience will speak for themselves.

Will a team building or corporate event have any real impact?

Absolutely! Today more than ever, a successful company relies on an incredible number of moving parts to move forward, the most important being your staff. If everyone’s not moving in the same direction, you could be losing your team’s true potential.

At Dash Outdoors, we can create a team-building or corporate event to help develop your team’s productivity, improve their leadership skills, and get the most out of the talented people who make your business work. We have a host of creative solutions to bring your people together and help them focus on the work they do.

To learn more about how we can deliver a positive impact on your business, talk to one of our professional event planners today and let’s get things moving.

Why is team building so important?

New clients often ask why team-building is so important, and we tell them ‘that success for any team only comes from having a single shared dynamic’. So our goal at Dash Outdoors is to improve that dynamic in a non-threatening, competitive and creative atmosphere.

Our team of professional event planners will develop a completely customised experience to suit your business’s individual needs. That will entertain your team and help them learn about one another by working together and positively impacting the group’s performance long after the event is over.

Isn't a ‘corporate event’ just another name for a party?

Certainly not! Unlike typical social parties or gatherings, corporate events have a unique set of needs. When planning a corporate event, our planners here at Dash Outdoors often need to include the logistics of managing hundreds, if not thousands of people. Unlike social parties with family and friends, these guests will have an extensive range of interests, cultures, tastes, and speciality needs. Creating various food and entertainment options to please the guest list of a corporate event is considerably different from selecting a family menu/movie. And that’s only just the start of what makes a corporate event special.

What makes a corporate event created by Dash Outdoors different from other event companies?

At Dash Outdoors, we’re all about crafting successful solutions. Communication and inclusion are vital to any corporate event’s success, and that’s why we work hard with both our clients and the venue management to ensure everything runs smoothly. We take care of the smaller details and leave nothing to chance. Like ensuring the lines at food, and beverage stations are limited, providing on-site translators, print, and video solutions along with custom menus for special dietary needs, ramps for access, private photographers, professional security guards and a First Aid station along with much much more.

We take the time to get to know our clients and their business so that we can create a unique solution specially designed to make sure their corporate event is a memorable and successful occasion.