Explore the Natural

Beauty Of

Desaru Coast

Explore the Natural

Beauty Of

Desaru Coast

Immerse yourself in indescribable beauty, where nature reveals its flawlessness. The Dash mangrove tours, where everything flows harmoniously, the blend of freshwater and saltwater, the diversity of the most extraordinary plants and wildlife are all set against a backdrop that unveils its natural splendour.

Two Unique And educational tours

Currently, we offer two unique tours of the Desaru Mangroves, the combined Mangrove EDU &
Kampung Tour and the exclusive Marina Mangrove Tour. However, we will be adding a third tour of
the Sadili Wetland and River later this year.

Each of our tours is designed for all ages, including kids and should leave you with not only
lasting memories but an understanding of the mangroves, their people and the role they play in
our daily lives.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or want to learn more about the Mangrove EDU &
Kampung Tour, the exclusive Marina Mangrove Tour, the forthcoming Sadili
Wetlands & River Tour, or would like to book a tour, please speak to one of the
Dash Crew members or contact us at


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+60 13 698 7295

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Tours designed to protect you
and our environment

Here at Dash, we take your safety seriously, and that’s why we ensure that all guests that take the exclusive Sebana Cove Mangrove Tour wear life jackets and receive a full safety briefing before their departure. For the safe use of all water-based craft, terms and conditions apply.

When it comes to protecting the environment and supporting the local communities, we only use boats owned by a village cooperative for all of our mangrove tours. By doing so, we are helping to sustain local indigenous tribes and populations.

We Look Forward To Your Company