Before Mars

The Next Generation In Business Simulations

Explores how to make strategic decisions using performance-based data

Number of Attendees: 8-100

Time Frame: 3-5 hours

Location: Indoors

Communication, Competitive, Simulation, Strategic

Key Outcomes

Managing Change
Creativity & Innovation
Healthy Competition
Team Alignment

What is it?

Before Mars is the next generation in Business Simulations allowing you to benchmark your team’s strategic thinking and execution capabilities against a global playing field! Before Mars is probably the most challenging simulations we have seen and, to date, no team has achieved the maximum possible score. Following the workshop, teams are provided with a report outlining their approach to various strategic thinking elements to allow them to draw parallels with how they operate back in the real world.


Companies that select this program are looking to test and evaluate their own strategic thinking and execution. The post event report provides you with a SWOT analysis of how your team performed and gives feedback on how your team manage #cooperation, #decisionmaking and task performance. Understanding how you made decisions in the simulation can give powerful insights in what your team can do to optimise their performance in the real world.