The Art Of Managing Change

Connects to the current theme of disruption and managing change

Number of Attendees: 12-3000

Time Frame: 1-3 hours

Location: Hybrid, Social Distance Friendly

Competitive, Simulation,
Strategic, Energisers

Key Outcomes

Managing Change
Creativity & Innovation
Healthy Competition
Team Alignment

What is it?

Teams face a number of challenges simulating the volatile, fast-paced environment that we live in today. We mix a blend of puzzle-based challenges, photo and video activities. As more and more tasks are delivered, teams must constantly adapt, reprioritise and leverage the strengths of all team members to maximise their available opportunities. Change always brings opportunity, is your team ready to embrace the new way of working and capitalise on these opportunities?


Companies selecting this activity are looking for an activity that mirrors the need for teams to be agile, responsive and adaptable. It creates a highly competitive environment to create an engaging experience with some great learnings around task prioritisation, the balance of competition and collaboration, task and resource management and the importance of team alignment. The key message from Detour has always been “Opportunities are everywhere, if you aren’t taking them, your competitors will be!”