Teamwork makes the dream work.

There is an old saying – ‘teamwork makes dream work’, and so it goes without saying that any team that works as a single cohesive unit with common goals are much more likely to be successful and bring much better results than those who don’t have such a structure in place.

If you have a team that can work together with a sense of community to solve problems. Those problems are more likely to disappear quickly and with much better results than if people don’t have a feeling of camaraderie.

Having such a structure improves your company culture as everyone feels much happier and more satisfied working and spending time in the office with each other. 

What Defines The Company Culture?

In a business sense, a company’s corporate culture defines how an organisation’s employees and management transact internally and externally. 

A company’s culture can be reflected in many ways, from its dress code, business hours, office setup, employee benefits, turnover, hiring decisions, treatment of clients, client satisfaction, management strategies, employee communication and relations, work environment, attitude, and even company origin myths, as well as visual props such as logos and trademarks, in fact, every single aspect of its operations.

How Does Team Building Affect Company Culture?

Cohesive employee teams are the building blocks for a company’s success and long-term cultural development.

Therefore regular team-building activities are vital for developing team spirit and creating cooperation between employees. Successful team building can significantly impact the organisation as a whole. If people are happy to come to work and enjoy working within their own teams, they’ll be more likely to work collaboratively with other groups. 

As a result, this sense of being part of a community not only improves the overall vibe throughout the workplace but also gives HR and the talent management teams a greater foundation for building the company culture in the future. 

Creating A Positive Workplace Culture

Company culture ties in with team building because it’s all about how the recognition people feel at work. Therefore some of the most important things to consider when looking to create a positive workplace culture is that people need to feel: 

  • Valued and trusted
  • Listened to and had a sense of purpose
  • Part of a cohesive team 
  • Able to make decisions
  • Space to learn and grow
  • Open transparency & communication

Everyone in the organisation is responsible for having a great working culture. By setting up practical and effective team-building activities, you’ll naturally make your company culture much easier to develop. 

Then before you know it, your team culture will excel, and you’ll have teams working together with excellent communications and problem-solving skills while working cross-functionally with others, resulting in much better long-term employee engagement.

The Positive Impact Of Team Building

Team-building events can help co-workers better understand one another, learn to be more effective at working together, and trust each other. Team-building exercises can also help with employee recognition and allow employees to work through serious issues, such as learning problem-solving techniques and improving communication skills.

There are various objectives at which the company management can aim to ensure that any team-building exercises can contribute to enhancing the company culture.

Increasing Productivity

Teams that work well together share their workload and their values, meaning that if one team member has considerably less work than someone else within the group, they can help them to catch up by picking up the slack; this is, of course, reciprocated when it happens the other way around and so increases productivity. 

Team building helps because when people feel like they can be part of a better team, they’re much more likely to go that extra mile for others. They want their team to succeed, not just themselves. 

Encourages A Learning Environment

Successful team building motivates teams to be more collaborative and share their experiences to improve the group’s overall success; this is much easier to foster when people are happy working together. 

Building each other’s talents and being creative leads to new and exciting ideas and out-of-the-box thinking, which makes work much more fun and engaging. However, it needs to be built on a culture already encouraging great relationships and shouldn’t be anticipated organically. 

Communication Is The Key

When people try to work together without having a solid base for a relationship, communication can often get messy and lead to confusion. 

Therefore it’s much easier to work with people when everyone clearly understands their role and responsibility rather than having blurred lines. When everyone knows what each person is working on and what is expected of them, they can check in and help out when required. Open and honest feedback is an essential part of this culture.

Resolves Conflicts

You can count on disagreements when people work together and share a common goal. However, it’s up to those team members involved to initially try to resolve these issues before they get out of hand and work towards collaboration and compromise. 

But conflicts at work aren’t always a negative thing. It often leads to a better understanding and learning of each other. Typically, conflicts happen when people come from different working environments and have different opinions on how issues should be resolved.

This situation is particularly true if you take the culture ‘add’ rather than the cultural ‘fit’ approach in hiring. Although this may cause conflict initially, it will strengthen your team in the long run. Team building is the perfect instrument for different group skills and learning from each other. 

Building Trust

Teams that trust each other and can lean on each other when things get overwhelming are priceless; when you build trust between groups, you’re effectively giving them space to grow with the support of their work friends and colleagues. 

They’ll also be much more likely to open up with each other and be honest about their individual strengths and weaknesses; they’re also more open to giving and receiving feedback openly. 

Exposing these vulnerabilities creates a more accessible environment to collaborate and listen to each other because everyone has a shared level of trust.

The Dash Philosophy On Team Building

Today more than ever, a successful company or organisation relies on an increasing number of moving parts to move forward, the most important being its employees.  

So with that in mind, the Dash philosophy for team building is pretty straightforward. If a team shares a common goal and performs together to achieve it, they will not only excel but also know their purposes and how they can achieve it.

The 5-Star Approach To Team Building

The unique ‘5 Star’ approach from Dash Outdoors allows for customised programmes to be created to suit clients’ individual needs and budgets.  

The Dash Outdoors Crew are a team of professional planners with extensive skills in developing a range of customised experiences to suit both the business’s individual needs.  

Such are the team-building experiences offered by Dash Outdoors that not only will they entertain and engage with your employees. But they will also help teams learn more about one another by working together and so positively impacting the group’s performance long after the event is over.

Speak To The Professionals

To learn more about the positive effect team building can have on the culture of your company or business, speak to the professionals at Dash Outdoors. You can reach them on +60 19 734 5990 or email

Remember, you can quickly lose your team’s true potential if everyone’s not rowing in the same direction.


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Possibly one of the coolest water sports around. Just as snowboarding overtook skiing, wakeboarding has fast become the funkiest way to ride the water under power. Once you've picked up the basics, wakeboarding is extremely easy to learn and enormous fun. Typical wakeboarding speeds are 30–40 kilometres per hour, but that can feel a lot faster when you are riding a wakeboard and bouncing over the waves.
At Dash Outdoors, we'll equip you with top-of-the-line wakeboard and safety gear. We use our high power jet skis to do the towing, which means no propellers to worry about. Be prepared to get wet, have a laugh and probably a few aches the next day - it's a serious workout!
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If you're an experienced windsurfer, then come down to see us and rent some kit. If you are new to windsurfing, we can provide a taster session for an hour, and you can then progress to solo sailing, or have additional instruction as you wish. It's all about having fun and getting out on the water.

Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP)

A relatively new craze, Stand-Up Paddle-boarding (or SUP) gives you the freedom to explore the ocean using a single-ended long paddle. Our boards are wide, long, super stable and easy to use. They're so good they can take a few people at the same time. Some people even go out early in the morning or later in the afternoon for a relaxing SUP yoga session.

Fat Bikes

Why walk along this beautiful tropical beach when you can cycle it? Our top of the line "fat bikes" boast massive 4inch wide "fat tyres" that will have you cruising soft sand with ease. We have both adult and kids versions complete with helmets and locks so you can take the whole family and explore our beautiful Desaru coastline in comfort and style.