Impact of Climate Changes on Coastal Areas

Climate change may be having serious negative consequences on the health and stability of coastal and marine ecosystems. In addition to contributing to coastal erosion and floods, rising sea levels also increase the rate at which salt water seeps underground.

If winds are blowing in from the ocean, the temperature of the land around the shore can be affected by both warm and cold currents. Coastal areas are kept warmer than inland areas thanks to the usage of warm ocean currents, which warm the air above the water and transport it inland.

Signs of Climate Change in Coastal Areas 

The most obvious signs of climate change in coastal areas are sea-level rise, an increase in atmospheric and oceanic temperatures, varying precipitation rates, and an increase in the frequency of extreme weather events. The main causes of sea level change are the thermal expansion of oceans and the melting of polar ice. Also, the following issues arise in coastal areas as a result of rising sea levels:

  • Flooding
  • Destruction of land habitat due to flooding
  • Increased salinity
  • Coastline shifts 
  • Water table decline
  • Destruction of mangroves and wetlands 

Degradation of coastal ecosystems, loss of livelihoods and important community services are all possible outcomes of these effects.

Ecosystems like seagrass beds, salt marshes, soft sediments, kelp forests, mangrove forests, and coral and oyster reefs are directly impacted by climate extremes such as sea-level rise, global warming, increased atmospheric carbon dioxide, and ocean acidification.

Protecting the remaining mangrove forests and fixing the damage done over the past few decades are essential steps toward ensuring the survival of mangrove ecosystems in the future. At Dash Outdoors, the unique Marina Mangrove Tour is intended primarily for the more active travelling who want to discover the mangrove’s wondrous features and spectacular beauty in a manner that is slightly different from the traditional means.

Benefits of Beach Clean-up Programmes for Environmental Protection 

Although plastic debris is mostly only an eyesore to us, it poses serious health risks to the marine species that live in the area. Plastic can easily become trapped in marine animals’ throats, beaks, feet, wings, flippers, and fins, hindering their mobility and preventing them from catching food for themselves.  

Accidentally or intentionally, marine creatures frequently ingest plastic, leading to intestinal obstructions and death. It has been proven that marine species suffer from these blockages, with some even dying due to internal injuries, decreased immunological function, and stunted reproduction. 

Turtles are a popular case in point since they frequently mistake plastic bags for jellyfish and try to eat them. The accumulation of plastic on beaches can also disrupt a variety of other vital biological procedures.

Seeing the beach’s natural beauty ruined by trash is almost as bad as not seeing the beach itself. Having people see plastic waste firsthand is one of the main advantages of conducting a beach clean-up. 

Beaches also play an active part in helping to reduce the effects of climate change. They perform the function of a natural buffer and shield the coastline from the potentially devastating impacts of strong winds and waves formed by powerful storms.

When people participate in beach clean-up programs organised at Dash Outdoors, they get a first-hand look at the amount of plastic debris on the beach and a better appreciation for the work that must be done to eliminate plastic from the marine environment.

Beach clean-ups help the marine ecosystem by eliminating the plastic from it, but in the long run, they help by providing data to local scientists and environmentalists. Information on the most frequent types of plastic found on the beach and where those plastics come from can guide other conservation efforts to reduce plastic usage.


The world’s population is rising, development is continuing, and major climate change-induced disasters are more likely to occur, all of which have had negative effects on the built and natural surroundings. 

Property, infrastructure, coastal businesses, and marine ecosystems are all at risk from the effects of climate change.

When it comes to fixing the physical damage that natural catastrophes create, the building sector and built environment specialists play a key role. To what extent a community may recover after a natural or man-made disaster depends on the strength of its built environment.

Already, infrastructure and structures are being harmed by climate-related phenomena such as rising sea levels, intense rainfall, and scorching temperatures. Some coastal infrastructure may become useless in the future.

The built environment’s design must anticipate the effects of future climate and land-use change and integrate solutions to mitigate the effects of warmer air, reducing the need for artificial cooling and heating.


Experience the flight of your life with Dash Outdoors parasailing! Parasailing uses a parachute to let you ‘fly’ behind our boat whilst safely and securely attached at all times. We use a specialised parasailing’ winch boat’ for perfectly controlled takeoffs and landings - the only internationally approved parasailing method. Our boat’s rear has a large takeoff and landing platform, which is where we harness you into the parachute, perform our safety checks, and then start the flight. Our powerful winching system controls your ascent and takes you up to a height of around 500 feet from where you can soak up the incredible views of the unspoiled Desaru coastline. When it’s time to come down, we gradually winch you back to the landing platform for a perfect landing every time. Parasailing is an exciting adventure for singles, couples, groups, and is even safe for kids. No skill is required so share the fun and fly with family and friends or go it alone on a solo flight. Let Dash Outdoors take you to new heights with a parasailing experience that’s sure to be the highlight of your Desaru beach adventure.

Mountain Bike Tours

The impressive Desaru Coast development is set over 4,000 acres of land, and no one has the kind of exclusive access that Dash Outdoors has, to give you an immersive 3-hour eco-tour adventure on a bike. Dash also offers an amazing ATV tour, which takes you further along the coast, however, if you’re a wildlife lover, you may prefer to take the quieter bicycle tour so you can sneak up on the amazing bird and wildlife we have on offer. Our brand new 21-speed mountain bikes take groups through pristine jungle, secluded beaches and bush trails that you would unlikely explore otherwise. We kit you out with full safety gear and water bottles. All you have to do is bring your legs! Our guides look after you throughout the tour giving you interesting facts about the wildlife, flora and local environment. They also pack a range of snacks and refreshments for the group to enjoy when you get to the most secluded part of this extraordinary tour. There’s no better way to have fun and get fit than riding along an unspoilt tropical coastline.


Test your Robin Hood skills at our archery range at Desaru Coast. Archery is a great fun activity for the whole family and for all ages. It helps develop focus, improve balance and coordination.

Crazy Golf

Crazy golf is another fun activity that all the family can enjoy at any time of the day. You will be challenged with fun and frustrating obstacles. Get around the course with the least number of strokes and you’re a WINNER! Our crazy golf course is located right next to the beach at our Sand and Sandals outlet.

New Mangrove Tour

Take a tour through our beautiful mangrove forest and let a professional guide take you on a journey of tranquility and understanding of nature. Learn about the vital importance of mangrove forests conservation. Be a part of the mangrove replantinginitiation programme that will preserve our ecosystem for our future generations to enjoy.


Bring your waterproof camera, grab a paddle, and be in control of your beach holiday! Take this chance to explore the beautiful Desaru coastline with a Dash Outdoors kayak. Go solo with our single seaters or double up with a paddling partner. We have plenty of equipment waiting for you and everything is in tip top condition. This is a great activity to do with a loved one, the whole family or a larger group of colleagues.

ATV Track Riding

The rugged terrain of our exclusive one-kilometre track challenges the skills of the most experienced ATV rider. Navigating your way through a combination of wet, muddy jungle floors and across rugged sandy beaches on our brand new ATV quad bikes is not only exciting but makes it great fun for everybody.
For most of our guests, this will be their first experience of riding a quad bike. That's fine - we kit you out with all the proper safety gear and give you a full demonstration at the beginning of every ride.
So that you can guarantee your spot it's best to plan ahead, so don't delay - get in touch with us today for available timings and bookings.

Knee Boarding

Knee-Boarding is one of the most accessible types of water sports there is. It's easy to start with, but it's also fun to progress and even do some tricks along the way. It's an excellent activity for those that haven't mastered the 'standing-up' part of wakeboarding or water skiing yet. Learn how to knee-board properly with the Dash Outdoors team, or if you're experienced, we'd love to see you shred the waves.

Water Skiing

Join Dash Outdoors in the tropical paradise of Desaru for a waterskiing session that you'll never forget. Using our high powered jet skis to pull you up, we'll have you slicing through the ocean in no time. If you are a beginner, this is an excellent opportunity to try this exciting sport with the Dash crew coaching you all the way. We also provide waterski sessions for advanced skiers and more formal lesson programs for beginners. Just pop by and let's have a chat.


Possibly one of the coolest water sports around. Just as snowboarding overtook skiing, wakeboarding has fast become the funkiest way to ride the water under power. Once you've picked up the basics, wakeboarding is extremely easy to learn and enormous fun. Typical wakeboarding speeds are 30–40 kilometres per hour, but that can feel a lot faster when you are riding a wakeboard and bouncing over the waves.
At Dash Outdoors, we'll equip you with top-of-the-line wakeboard and safety gear. We use our high power jet skis to do the towing, which means no propellers to worry about. Be prepared to get wet, have a laugh and probably a few aches the next day - it's a serious workout!
We provide wakeboard sessions for advanced boarders and starter lessons for beginners. Just pop by and have a chat.


Windsurfing is the perfect combination of sailing and surfing. If you have ever thought to try this out one day - now is the time! With one of our expert Dash instructors, you can learn basic windsurfing in just a couple of hours.
Here at Desaru, we have excellent conditions all year round for windsurfing. When the winds blow a consistent speed during the monsoon months, we have perfect conditions for advanced sailors or those looking to improve their skills. During the rest of the year, we have calm seas and light breezes – perfect for beginners.
If you're an experienced windsurfer, then come down to see us and rent some kit. If you are new to windsurfing, we can provide a taster session for an hour, and you can then progress to solo sailing, or have additional instruction as you wish. It's all about having fun and getting out on the water.

Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP)

A relatively new craze, Stand-Up Paddle-boarding (or SUP) gives you the freedom to explore the ocean using a single-ended long paddle. Our boards are wide, long, super stable and easy to use. They're so good they can take a few people at the same time. Some people even go out early in the morning or later in the afternoon for a relaxing SUP yoga session.

Fat Bikes

Why walk along this beautiful tropical beach when you can cycle it? Our top of the line "fat bikes" boast massive 4inch wide "fat tyres" that will have you cruising soft sand with ease. We have both adult and kids versions complete with helmets and locks so you can take the whole family and explore our beautiful Desaru coastline in comfort and style.